How to Balance Hormones Naturally, Hormonal Imbalance

Answers to Most Common Questions About Hormones.

Can hormones improve your sex life, keep you young, banish wrinkles or turn you into a super athlete?

Those are just some of the most frequentlynasked questions about hormones - and here, accoeding to experts, are the answers to those and other questions:

Q. What are hormones?
A. Hormones are gland secretions that stimulate specific functions in various organs. When the gland don't supply enough of a certain hormone, synthetic hormones can be administered medically.

Q. Are treatments wtih the female hormone estrogen really a "fountain of youth"?
A. No. This myth has persisted ever since scientists discovered in the 1960s that a decrease in estrogen production leads to menopause, whish is often considered a sign of aging.

Replacement of estrogen does't prevent menopause. It does relieve some menopausal symptoms such as hotflashes, insomnia and vaginal dryness.

Q. Do any hormones help prevent aging in other ways?
A. No hormone prevents old age, but research on animals at Syracuse University indicates that the homone somatomedin may reverse the effects of aging on muscles by regenerating muscle tissue that has wasted away.

Q. Can hormones improve yoursex life?
A. They sometimes work for women, but they don't for men. Certain hormornes can helpsome women who have problems with vaginal dryness and loss of libido.

Q. Will using a hormone cream banish
A. No. Rubbing hormone cream on the skin doesn't affect it all. However, taking hormones may help firm up the breasts.

Q. Are there risks in taking estrogen?
A. Yes. Uterine cancer is three to eight times more common in postmenopausal women using estrogen. And estrogen should never be taken by some women, in cluding those wtih histories of breast or uterine cancer, liver
desease, fibrocystic breast disease or coronary heart disease.

Q. If synthetic hormones and steroids can produce superathletes, why aren't these drugs legal?
A. There is no documented proof that these hormones produce great athletes, but there are documented cases in which these drugs caused serious health problems for athletes.