How to Look Thinner in Clothes. How to Choose Colors That Flatter Skin Tone

1. Slim shape should wear horizontal stripes

2. Tall shape should also wear horizontal stripes

3. Big shape should wear vertical stripes

4. Women with naturally high waistline should wear drop-waisted trousers

5. Women with naturally low waistline should wear high waisted trousers

6. Matching belt colour to shirt colour will make the torso looks longer for those with long legs.

7. Matching belt colour to trouser colour will make the legs look longer for those with short legs.

8. A long neck should be hidden behind high collar.

9. V necks minimise a short neck.

10. Those with arms should wear slightly longer sleeves.

11. Those with long arms should wear slightly shorter sleeves.

12. Pick soft colors such as peach, golden brown, or bright true red.